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Amish Made Gliders Poly Furniture

Amish made outdoor gliders are among the best pieces of furniture that you can purchase for your outdoor patio or backyard. With an attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, the Amish have become famous for creating world-class pieces of furniture. 

By using durable poly lumber, the Amish have been able to take their woodworking skills and make stunning and long-lasting outdoor furniture as well. Poly is sturdier and more durable than traditional wood. It doesn’t fade in the sun and will never splinter, making it a safer choice for home furniture than most other materials. 

Read more about poly lumber furniture here.

Outdoor gliders are a popular choice for outdoor seating as they provide a smoother rocking motion (“gliding”) than rocking chairs. Because the gliding mechanism isn’t on the ground (as opposed to rocking chairs), gliders will give smooth movement even on uneven surfaces like patio pavers or brick. 

We put together a few recommendations of our favorite Amish made gliders in order to help you find the perfect one for your space. Keep in mind that these gliders can be customized with a wide range of colors.

Wildridge Heritage Two Seat Glider

Wildridge’s Heritage Two Seat Glider is one of our most popular items. Comfortably seating two, this glider is a fantastic way to spend time with a friend. With an exceptionally smooth and soft gliding motion, you’re never going to want to go inside!

Weighing in at 124 pounds, this glider is on the heavy side, meaning it won’t be blown around by heavy winds. Like all Wildridge furniture, this glider comes with a 20 year residential warranty and makes use of 316 marine grade stainless steel hardware, ensuring that you won’t be in the market for another glider anytime soon.

Wildridge Heritage Single Glider

Perhaps you’re looking for a set of single gliders so that everyone can rock at his or her own pace. Wildridge’s Heritage Single Glider is a wonderful choice. 

Made in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, this glider is comfortable, durable, and looks great in any space. It pairs very well with a nice end table or Wildridge’s Gliding Ottoman.

Wildridge Double Signature Glider

For a premium and luxurious look, we recommend Wildridge’s Signature collection. With just a quick glance, you can already tell that this glider screams “luxury.” We love the elegantly spaced back slats and comfortably contoured seat. Throw in a couple of pillows and this becomes the most fought-over seat on the patio.

Wildridge also offers a Single version of this glider. We think they look great together.

Check out our full collection of gliders.


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