Heavy Duty Patio Chairs

Front Porch Poly Furniture Recommendations

If you live in an area with harsh weather or expect to use your patio regularly, you should look for only the highest quality and longest lasting patio seating. 

As we’ve mentioned before, poly lumber is the best and longest lasting material for outdoor furniture. Made with recycled plastic milk jugs, poly has a number of advantages over traditional wood, plus, it’s more eco-friendly.

Here are some of the benefits of poly lumber:

It’s durable, easy to clean, and heavy enough that it won’t blow away in the wind! Because poly is made with high density recycled plastic, it weighs in heavier than wood or cheaper alternatives. This is extremely important in windy areas, where furniture can be damaged when it’s blown around. 

Poly’s heavy duty feel also makes our patio chairs feel sturdier and more well-built than chairs made with cheaper materials. When you sit down in a poly patio chair, you’re never going to feel like the chair is going to fall apart, like you might with an injection molded plastic chair. 

Finally, there’s no need to paint or seal poly patio chairs. Poly comes in many vibrant colors and is UV protected to prevent sun damage. Even if you live in an area with lots of sun or lots of rain, your poly patio chairs won’t fade or rot

At Monarch, we have a high commitment to quality. Our manufacturers offer generous warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime for residential use! You can be comfortable in your purchase knowing that you won’t have to worry about cheap materials or poor craftsmanship. Many of our products are made with skilled Amish craftsmanship in Amish communities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here are a few of our favorite poly patio and deck chairs. Remember, Monarch Patio offers FREE shipping to the continental U.S. on every order.

Wildridge Freedom Adirondack (Modern) - $195 

Wildridge’s Freedom adirondack chair is an affordable, heavy duty option for any deck, patio, or backyard. Don’t let its affordable price tag fool you: this chair is built to last and comes with a 20 year residential warranty. With marine grade stainless steel fasteners, this chair is a favorite among customers and we think you’ll love it, too!

Wildridge Freedom Adirondack (Traditional) - $195

If you like the chair mentioned above but prefer a more traditional style, you’ll love Wildridge’s Freedom Traditional Adirondack. With a classic curved back, this adirondack will go well on nearly any porch, deck, or patio. 

Breezesta Coastal Adirondack Chair

Breezesta’s Coastal Adirondack chair comes in a wide range of fun colors and comes equipped with Breezesta’s Sun Guard technology, preventing the chair’s color from fading over time. Made in New Holland, PA with a high level of craftsmanship, Breezesta’s adirondacks are built to last and come with a limited lifetime warranty for residential use. 

Wildridge Dining/Deck Chair

Wildridge’s Dining/Deck chair is a fantastic, heavy duty choice for any patio. This upright chair weighs around 39 pounds, making it much sturdier and durable than other outdoor furniture. 

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