Heavy Duty Rocking Chairs

Amish Made Poly Furniture Rocking Chairs

Outdoor rocking chairs are fun, comfortable ways to spend more time outside with family and friends. They’re especially great for relaxing on your front porch or gently rocking with a good book. 

The best rocking chairs should last over 20 years and require little to no maintenance. That’s why we recommend poly lumber rocking chairs for any outdoor usage. 

Heavy duty rockers made with poly lumber will be heavier than alternatives like traditional wood or cheap plastic and will last much longer. Though you will pay a little more in the short term, the long term savings of purchasing a sturdy and durable poly rocker will more than make up for the short term costs. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your rocking chair falling apart and buying a new one!

Poly lumber doesn’t need to be stained or painted every year, and it can be left outside year-round! Minimal hassle and minimal maintenance. 

To make our outdoor rocking chairs even more heavy duty, our manufacturers use marine grade stainless steel fasteners in their chairs. This prevents rusting and makes the rocker sturdier than cheap fasteners. Remember, your chair is only as durable as its weakest part! It’s important to us that all of our products are high quality and done the right way, without cutting corners. 

Read more about poly lumber here.

Now, here are a few of our favorite heavy duty outdoor rocking chairs.

Breezesta Skyline High Back Rocker

Breezesta’s Skyline High Back Rocker looks great on any front porch. We love the stylish, high back of this rocker and think you will, too. With loads of great colors to choose from, you can chose the perfect color for your porch or patio. Your neighbors will be wondering where you found such durable and comfortable furniture!

Wildridge Heritage Traditional Rocker

Wildridge’s Heritage Traditional Rocker has a classic, farmhouse look that goes great on front porches. These rockers look great in a set and can also be customized by choosing one color for the frame and another for the slats. Wildridge offers a 20 year residential warranty, so you’ll be rocking smoothly for years to come.

Breezesta Shoreline Adirondack Rocker

A lower seating option, Breezesta’s Shoreline Adirondack Rocker is a comfortable choice for your patio. Its versatile style lends itself well to any patio or deck style, and it looks awesome with a pillow or throw. You can keep this rocker outdoors year round. With Breezesta’s lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that a pair of these rockers will last you forever.

Wildridge Adirondack Rocker

Another low-back rocker, this outdoor rocking chair from Wildridge features a classic, adirondack style back that goes well with their stationary classic adirondack. With large curved rocking legs, this chair has a nice, smooth rocking motion.

Check out our full collection of rocking chairs here.

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