Recycled Plastic Chaise Lounge Options (Poly Furniture)


Summer is coming up quickly! We’ve been spending lots of time outside lately.

In our minds, the best piece of furniture for relaxing in the summer months is the chaise lounge. It’s adjustable, so you can either sit up and read a good book or lay all the way down to soak up the sun. Great for next to the pool, the deck of a beach house, or just your backyard!

Most outdoor chaise lounges on the market are either made of traditional wood or cheap plastic. Both of these materials aren’t ideal for prolonged outdoor use, especially when water is involved. 

Traditional wood will absorb any water that gets on it, leading it to rot and crack as it ages. Plus, you don’t want to have to deal with splinters while you’re sitting down for an afternoon break next to the pool.

Cheap plastic, on the other hand, is flimsy enough that it can blow away and will usually only last a few years.

Our furniture is made of poly lumber, which is ideal for use in outdoor furniture. It’s waterproof, so it won’t absorb any excess water from your pool or the ocean, and won’t give you splinters, either! Our furniture is sturdy - weighing 70+ pounds, so it won’t blow away or be easily broken.

Poly furniture also comes in a lot of exciting colors with the option to mix and match colors on two tone items. The outdoor chaise lounge is the perfect place to add a splash of color to your setup!

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor poly chaise lounges.

#1601 Chaise Lounge (Blue Springs)

Side angle view of Blue Springs Chaise Lounge in two tone brown

The #1601 Chaise Lounge from Blue Springs is made by our partners in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and also comes in an armless option. Available in 20 different colors,  the Blue Springs chaise lounge has a sleek, curved design and is great for those hot summer days.


Wildridge Heritage Chaise Lounge

Side Angle View of Wildridge Heritage Chaise Lounge in Aruba Blue

The Wildridge Heritage collection chaise lounge is a classic choice for outdoor seating in the summer. We love that this chaise lounge features wheels for easy moving! It’s available in 29 different colors + two tone options. Wildridge uses 316 marine grade stainless steel fasteners that will stand the test of time. The company also offers a 20 year residential warranty, so you can rest assured that your chaise lounge won’t need replacing anytime soon.


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