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Do you live in New York City and want to turn your balcony into a cozy and comfortable hangout space? 

Maybe you’re looking for furniture that can stand up to the elements but still looks and feels great. If you’re in New York, you probably have a limited space for your balcony furniture.

We can help! We’ve chosen a few pieces of poly furniture that work well on balconies with small spaces. 

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What is poly furniture? Poly lumber is a strong, durable plastic composite material made with recycled milk jugs and other consumer products. It is water resistant, won’t rot or crack, and has UV protection to ensure that its color remains bright and vibrant year after year. 

Poly is well suited for environments like New York City. Check out some of the benefits:

  • Leave it outside year round! With a tight space, you don’t want to have to worry about bringing your furniture inside when the weather gets bad. You can leave poly outside without having to worry about it rusting, rotting, or fading. It’s also heavy enough that it won’t blow off your balcony when hurricanes or strong winds come through.
  • Easy to assemble - Our poly furniture comes partially assembled so you only have to do minimal work to get your new furniture assembled. 
  • Won’t fade - If you have an uncovered balcony, you might be worried about your furniture’s color fading in the sun. Our poly lumber has a special UV protectant that stops the Sun’s harmful rays in its tracks.
  • Low maintenance - Poly furniture requires virtually no upkeep. No painting. No resealing. All you need to clean it is a damp towel and some dish soap. 

Monarch sells outdoor poly furniture made with Amish craftsmanship. We offer FREE shipping on all orders to the continental United States, and are an independently owned and run business.

And now, our recommendations:

Best Balcony Set for New York City Apartments

Wildridge Patio Table Set ($1,212)

This Amish made outdoor patio set is a fantastic way to spend some time outside. This set makes it easy to take dinner outdoors or have a drink at the end of the week with a friend. 

Be sure to measure your outdoor space. These chairs measure 26” by 18”, and the table is 27.5” by 27.5”, so your balcony may not be able to accommodate them if it’s too small. If you can fit them on your balcony, however, they make a comfortable and homey addition to your apartment.

We love the customizability of this set. We recommend customizing your piece with two colors - one for the frames and another for the back slats and tops. White works well as a base color and adds a clean, neutral color to the mix. 

Best Outdoor Chairs for New York City Apartments

Wildridge Heritage High Adirondack ($450)

Wildridge’s Heritage High Adirondack is perfect for balconies with high railings. With a 23.5” seat height, this adirondack will comfortably let you see over any railings or obstructions. At 30” wide and 35” deep, this piece makes for a great spot to unwind after a long day. 

Check out our full collection of tall adirondack chairs and balcony seating.

Outdoor Poly Dining Chairs

Have a smaller space? Our outdoor poly dining chairs may be a better fit for your apartment balcony.

Check out our dining chairs here.

P.S. - We wrote a full guide on how to decorate and furnish for your apartment balcony.


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