The Best Outdoor Furniture for Rainy Weather

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Living in a rainy climate, you might be concerned about your outdoor furniture being damaged by the excess moisture. 

While certainly a real concern, by purchasing the right furniture, you can avoid ever having to worry about your outdoor furniture becoming unusable or falling apart after a heavy rainy season.

Ideally, outdoor furniture in rainy climates should be waterproof, rust-resistant, and heavy enough so that it isn’t blown around in strong winds that often come with thunderstorms or inclement weather. Further, try to avoid woven furniture, which can come unraveled in bad weather and degrade quickly.

By choosing a high-quality, durable piece of furniture, you won’t have to worry about replacing your furniture year in and year out. The right materials can also spare you the annoying job of sealing and resealing your wooden furniture each year.Rainy balcony rail

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Rainy Weather: Poly Lumber Furniture

The best material for outdoor furniture for rainy climates is poly lumber. Poly lumber has these benefits:

  • Durable
  • Doesn’t absorb water!
  • Many poly lumber furniture pieces use marine-grade stainless steel to avoid rust
  • Doesn’t crack or splinter in moist or humid environments
  • Doesn’t need resealing or repainting

What is poly lumber? Poly lumber is also known as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is made with recycled plastics, like milk jugs and other consumer products. Although it’s made of plastic, poly is a strong and durable material. It’s heavy enough that it won’t blow away in the wind yet light enough for you to easily move it around on your patio or deck.

Because poly doesn’t absorb water, it is an ideal choice for rainy climates. Since it doesn’t absorb water, your poly won’t become waterlogged and start to rot. Your furniture will be good as new year in and year out. No need to worry about cracking, splintering, or falling apart if you have icy weather, either.

With 316 marine grade stainless steel fasteners, every aspect of our furniture is designed to last. Avoiding dangerous rusty screws is paramount, especially in damp environments where rust can quickly appear on fasteners.

Our manufacturers create special, UV protected formulations for their poly lumber and offer many vibrant and fun colors. Poly lumber never needs to be painted or sealed!

You can leave poly outdoors year-round, even in heavy rains or snowy winters.

Monarch Patio specializes in selling high quality poly furniture and offers FREE shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Runner Up Furniture for Rainy Weather: Teak Furniture

Historically, teak has been commonly used in shipbuilding. It’s a lightweight natural wood that is water and rot resistant, making it a great choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is a tropical hardwood native to Asia and has a nice dark yellow to golden color, though color in furniture may vary with its stain.

Anything used for shipbuilding must definitely be watertight, so there’s no need to worry about your teak furniture becoming waterlogged or rotting.

However, there are a couple reasons why you might want to avoid teak furniture for your balcony or patio. 

First, it’s not recommended for direct sunlight. You must be especially careful to maintain your teak furniture if it is exposed to sunlight to prevent its color from fading and to maintain the structural integrity of the furniture. 

Secondly, its lightweight nature is convenient for moving it around your deck, but it also makes it easier for your furniture to blow away in thunderstorms or other windy weather. If you have an enclosed area or somewhere that’s protected from harsh sunlight and wind, teak may be a great option for you.

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