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Do you live somewhere with lots of hot sun? Or maybe you’re looking ahead to a warm summer and want to choose the perfect furniture for spending as much time outside as you possibly can!

We love spending time outdoors and know it’s important to choose the right furniture so that you can stay comfortable with minimal effort. We think the best outdoor furniture should be low maintenance - no painting or resealing required. And, it should be easy to clean!

We wrote a quick list of the best materials for outdoor furniture for sunny climates. Check out our advice below and let us know if you have any questions or comments in the comment section.

Bright orange sun

Best Outdoor Furniture for Sunny Climates: Poly Lumber Furniture

Poly lumber is the BEST option for outdoor furniture when it comes to sunny climates. 

Why? Poly lumber - made with recycled milk jugs - is usually created with a specially formulated blend of UV protectant!

UV protected poly lumber is awesome for outdoor furniture. It won’t fade, even with heavy and repeated exposure to the sun. And, poly lumber comes in many fun and exciting colors, allowing you to create a vibrant outdoor space for you and your family.

Best yet, UV protected poly doesn’t require any painting or resealing. Unlike traditional wood, poly requires almost no ongoing upkeep. When it’s time to clean it, you can simply use a wet  and dish soap or a light pressure wash. Your furniture will be good as new. 

Unlike wrought iron or metal furniture, poly lumber furniture is also cool to the touch. Of course, it depends on the color of furniture you select (black will absorb more heat than a bright white, for example), but generally speaking, poly should be more comfortable in very warm environments. 

Unconvinced about the UV protection that comes with poly lumber? Many of our manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime! You can rest assured that poly furniture won’t be fading any time soon.

The Chaise Lounge by Wildridge is a great option for outdoor furniture in hot and sunny environments.

Wildridge Heritage Chaise Lounge in Aruba Blue

Runner Up Outdoor Furniture for Sunny Climates: Traditional Wood Furniture

Traditional wood furniture is also a great choice for outdoor furniture in sunny environments. Though it is not well suited for climates with snow or heavy rain, wood can do a good job of standing up to heat and sun.

That said, wood does have some drawbacks when compared to poly lumber.

Two wooden outdoor adirondack chairs from back

First, wooden furniture requires more maintenance and upkeep than poly lumber. You’ll need to paint or seal your furniture at least once yearly, and you’ll also need to keep an eye on your paint so it doesn’t peel away in the sun.

Second, wooden furniture can absorb moisture in wet environments. Even very sunny parts of the country receive rain, so you’ll want to be sure that your wooden furniture is suitable for your levels of rainfall.

Traditional wooden furniture also cracks and can give splinters even if you take the best care of it. Splinters can be dangerous for children who aren’t used to being careful outside. You’ll want to inspect your furniture regularly for splinters and other cracks.

Though poly furniture may be more expensive initially, it is sure to outlast any traditional wooden outdoor furniture, saving you time, money, and effort.

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