The Best Rocking Chairs for Outdoors

Amish Made Poly Furniture Rocking Chairs

Not all rocking chairs are created equal! The right chair will last you for decades and the wrong chair will be uncomfortable and fall apart in just a couple of years.

Are you looking for the perfect rocking chair for your outdoor space? You came to the right place! 

We wrote a quick guide on the best rocking chairs for the outdoors:

rocking chairs on front porch

What to Avoid: Wooden Rocking Chairs

Don’t get us wrong, wooden rocking chairs are great in certain situations. 

Amish made wooden rockers are fantastic for indoor seating. They look stylish and are usually pretty comfortable. In a protected environment, they’ll last a really long time and won’t require any maintenance. They also tend to have a smoother, more delicate finish to them that makes them extra comfortable for indoor seating. 

The problem with wooden rocking chairs is that wood is generally not well suited for outdoor use. Wood can absorb moisture, which causes it to rot. It’s also prone to splintering, which isn’t ideal for something you want to sit on!

Another consideration with wood is that its natural coloring will degrade and its texture will roughen if left outside too long.

You can mitigate some of these problems by painting, staining, or sealing your wooden rocking chairs, but in the end, it will have a limited lifespan. Another thing you can do to protect your wooden rockers is taking them inside for the winter or using furniture covers to protect them while you’re not using them.

The Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs: Poly Rocking Chairs

The best material for outdoor rocking chairs is poly lumber. 

High density polyethylene, otherwise known as poly lumber, is an eco-friendly material made with recycled plastic milk jugs. 

You might be wondering: how do plastic milk jugs result in the best material for outdoor rocking chairs?

Poly lumber has a number of advantages over other materials. With the look and feel of real wood, poly feels high-quality and luxurious. 

Poly comes in a wide range of colors, from vibrant and fun to classic and traditional. Our manufacturers use a special blend with UV protectant to stop sun damage. Even in harsh sunlight, poly furniture won’t fade.

Our composite rocking chairs are built for the outdoors. You can leave them outside year round without worry! Our manufacturers also use marine grade stainless steel fasteners, further extending the lifespan of our rocking chairs. Most of our vendors offer manufacturer warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime!

Poly rocking chairs will never splinter, rot, or crack! This makes them child-friendly and safe, even after 10 years of being outdoors. 

Though the up front cost of poly rocking chairs might be higher than traditional wood or cheaper plastic, the lifetime savings and added comfort are well worth it. You’ll never need to replace your new rocking chair.

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