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Breezesta Poly Furniture

Breezesta is a manufacturer of outdoor poly furniture based in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Breezesta offers several collections, including its Skyline, Coastal, Piedmont, and Contemporary styles. Breezesta's furniture is made with proprietary Sure-Lok® joint mortise-and-tenon construction, ensuring sturdiness and durability. Breezesta also uses color-matched stainless steel hardware to blend in with the poly lumber used in its products.


Breezesta | Shoreline Adirondack Chair

Shoreline Adirondack Chair

Breezesta AD-0100

Breezesta | Shoreline Adirondack Rocker

Shoreline Adirondack Rocker

Breezesta AD-0110

Breezesta | Coastal Adirondack Chair

Coastal Adirondack Chair

Breezesta AD-0102

Breezesta | Coastal Adirondack Rocker

Coastal Adirondack Rocker

Breezesta AD-0112

Breezesta | Contemporary Adirondack Chair

Contemporary Adirondack Chair

Breezesta AD-0115

Breezesta | Contemporary Accent Table

Contemporary Accent Table

Breezesta CT-2101

Breezesta | Accent Table

Accent Table

Breezesta CT-1100

Breezesta | Coastal Double Glider

Coastal Double Glider

Breezesta AD-0114

Breezesta | Coastal Single Glider

Coastal Single Glider

Breezesta AD-0113

Breezesta | Coastal Upright Adirondack

Coastal Upright Adirondack

Breezesta CO-0400

Breezesta | Coastal Dining Chair

Coastal Dining Chair

Breezesta DH-0700

Breezesta | Coastal Counter Chair

Coastal Counter Chair

Breezesta CH-0805

Breezesta | Coastal Bar Chair

Coastal Bar Chair

Breezesta BH-0905

Breezesta | Coastal Universal Accent Table

Coastal Universal Accent Table

Breezesta CT-3000

Breezesta | Coastal Single Swing

Coastal Single Swing

Breezesta AD-0116

Breezesta | Coastal Swivel Dining Chair

Coastal Swivel Dining Chair

Breezesta CO-0100

Breezesta | Coastal Swivel Counter Chair

Coastal Swivel Counter Chair

Breezesta CO-0200

Breezesta | Coastal Swivel Bar Chair

Coastal Swivel Bar Chair

Breezesta CO-0300

Breezesta | Skyline High Back Rocker

Skyline High Back Rocker

Breezesta SK-0400

Breezesta | Skyline Backless Bench (48")

Skyline Backless Bench (48")

Breezesta SK-0409-48

Breezesta | Skyline Backless Bench (60")

Skyline Backless Bench (60")

Breezesta SK-0409-60

Breezesta | Skyline Swinging Bench (60")

Skyline Swinging Bench (60")

Breezesta SK-0402-60

Breezesta | Skyline Dining Side Chair

Skyline Dining Side Chair

Breezesta SK-0407

Breezesta | Skyline Dining Captain's Chair

Skyline Dining Captain's Chair

Breezesta SK-0408

Breezesta | Skyline Rocking Bench (36")

Skyline Rocking Bench (36")

Breezesta SK-0404-36

Breezesta | Skyline Rocking Bench (48")

Skyline Rocking Bench (48")

Breezesta SK-0404-48

Breezesta | Skyline Rocking Bench (60")

Skyline Rocking Bench (60")

Breezesta SK-0404-60

Breezesta | Skyline Garden Bench (48")

Skyline Garden Bench (48")

Breezesta SK-0405-48

Breezesta | Skyline Garden Bench (60")

Skyline Garden Bench (60")

Breezesta SK-0405-60

Breezesta | Piedmont Swivel Rocker Dining Chair

Piedmont Swivel Rocker Dining Chair

Breezesta PT-0601

Breezesta | Piedmont Swivel Counter Chair

Piedmont Swivel Counter Chair

Breezesta PT-0602

Breezesta | Piedmont Swivel Bar Chair

Piedmont Swivel Bar Chair

Breezesta PT-0603

Breezesta | Piedmont Side Dining Chair

Piedmont Side Dining Chair

Breezesta PT-0509

Breezesta | Piedmont Side Counter Chair

Piedmont Side Counter Chair

Breezesta PT-0510

Breezesta | Piedmont Captain's Dining Chair

Piedmont Captain's Dining Chair

Breezesta PT-0506

Breezesta | Piedmont Side Table

Piedmont Side Table

Breezesta PT-0504

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Dining Table

Piedmont Terrace Dining Table

Breezesta PT-0703

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Bar Table

Piedmont Terrace Bar Table

Breezesta PT-0701

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Table Shelf

Piedmont Terrace Table Shelf

Breezesta PT-0710

Breezesta | Piedmont Conversation Table

Piedmont Conversation Table

Breezesta PT-0704

Breezesta | Piedmont 42"x70" Dining Table

Piedmont 42"x70" Dining Table

Breezesta PT-0700

Breezesta | 21"x60" Bar Height Terrace Table

21"x60" Bar Height Terrace Table

Breezesta BH-0917

Breezesta | 26"x28" Bar Table

26"x28" Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0910

Breezesta | 36" Round Bar Table

36" Round Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0908

Breezesta | Contoured Seat Bar Stool

Contoured Seat Bar Stool

Breezesta BH-0904

Breezesta | 32"x32" Bar Table

32"x32" Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0911

Breezesta | 48" Round Bar Table

48" Round Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0909

Breezesta | Coastal Rocker

Coastal Rocker

Breezesta AD-0112