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Wildridge Classic Collection

Wildridge's Classic collection is full of furniture with classic designs that will work well in any patio or backyard. Shop classic outdoor poly adirondack chairs, end tables, poly swings, and more!


Wildridge | 36" High Dining Table

36" High Dining Table

Wildridge LCC-289

Wildridge | Adirondack Rocker

Adirondack Rocker

Wildridge LCC-215

Wildridge | Dining/Deck Chair

Dining/Deck Chair

Wildridge LCC-252

Wildridge | Classic Footrest

Classic Footrest

Wildridge LCC-216

Wildridge | Single Classic Glider

Single Classic Glider

Wildridge LCC-206

Wildridge | Adirondack Glider

Adirondack Glider

Wildridge LCC-208

Wildridge | Classic Glider

Classic Glider

Wildridge LCC-209

Wildridge | Mission Glider

Mission Glider

Wildridge LCC-207

Wildridge | Adirondack Swing

Adirondack Swing

Wildridge LCC-204

Wildridge | Savannah Swing

Savannah Swing

Wildridge LCC-203

Wildridge | Classic Swing

Classic Swing

Wildridge LCC-202

Wildridge | Mission Swing

Mission Swing

Wildridge LCC-205

Wildridge | Classic Adirondack Chair

Classic Adirondack Chair

Wildridge LCC-214

Wildridge | 26" High Dining Chair

26" High Dining Chair

Wildridge LCC-251

Wildridge | 40" High Dining Table

40" High Dining Table

Wildridge LCC-287

Wildridge | 30" High Dining Chair

30" High Dining Chair

Wildridge LCC-250

Wildridge | Classic 46" Round Table

Classic 46" Round Table

Wildridge LCC-279

Wildridge | Swivel Rocker Side Chair with Arms

Swivel Rocker Side Chair with Arms

Wildridge LCC-255

Wildridge | Side Chair with Arms

Side Chair with Arms

Wildridge LCC-254

Wildridge | Side Chair

Side Chair

Wildridge LCC-253

Wildridge | Deck Chair Tete-a-Tete

Deck Chair Tete-a-Tete

Wildridge LCC-229

Wildridge | Rectangular Side Table

Rectangular Side Table

Wildridge LCC-228

Wildridge | Classic Round Side Table

Classic Round Side Table

Wildridge LCC-223

Wildridge | Classic Side Table

Classic Side Table

Wildridge LCC-222

Wildridge | Classic 3 Shelf Side Table

Classic 3 Shelf Side Table

Wildridge LCC-221

Wildridge | Occasional Table

Occasional Table

Wildridge LCC-220

Wildridge | Classic Bench

Classic Bench

Wildridge LCC-226

Wildridge | Mission Bench

Mission Bench

Wildridge LCC-225

Wildridge | Vineyard Bench

Vineyard Bench

Wildridge LCC-224