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Breezesta Coastal Collection

Breezesta's Coastal collection includes comfortable poly adirondack chairs, swings, and tables. Breezesta's furniture is eco-friendly, made with recycled plastic milk jugs, and includes a limited lifetime warranty.


Breezesta | Coastal Adirondack Chair

Coastal Adirondack Chair

Breezesta AD-0102

Breezesta | Coastal Double Glider

Coastal Double Glider

Breezesta AD-0114

Breezesta | Coastal Single Glider

Coastal Single Glider

Breezesta AD-0113

Breezesta | Coastal Upright Adirondack

Coastal Upright Adirondack

Breezesta CO-0400

Breezesta | Coastal Dining Chair

Coastal Dining Chair

Breezesta DH-0700

Breezesta | Coastal Counter Chair

Coastal Counter Chair

Breezesta CH-0805

Breezesta | Coastal Bar Chair

Coastal Bar Chair

Breezesta BH-0905

Breezesta | Coastal Universal Accent Table

Coastal Universal Accent Table

Breezesta CT-3000

Breezesta | Coastal Single Swing

Coastal Single Swing

Breezesta AD-0116

Breezesta | Coastal Swivel Dining Chair

Coastal Swivel Dining Chair

Breezesta CO-0100

Breezesta | Coastal Swivel Counter Chair

Coastal Swivel Counter Chair

Breezesta CO-0200

Breezesta | Coastal Swivel Bar Chair

Coastal Swivel Bar Chair

Breezesta CO-0300

Breezesta | Leisure Footrest

Leisure Footrest

Breezesta AD-0109