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Dining Tables

Poly dining tables made from recycled milk jugs (95% recycled material). With the look and feel of real wood, poly makes the perfect choice for outdoor dining. No splinters, cracking, or fading.


Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Dining Table

Piedmont Terrace Dining Table

Breezesta PT-0703

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Bar Table

Piedmont Terrace Bar Table

Breezesta PT-0701

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Table Shelf

Piedmont Terrace Table Shelf

Breezesta PT-0710

Breezesta | Piedmont Conversation Table

Piedmont Conversation Table

Breezesta PT-0704

Breezesta | Piedmont 42"x70" Dining Table

Piedmont 42"x70" Dining Table

Breezesta PT-0700

Breezesta | 21"x60" Bar Height Terrace Table

21"x60" Bar Height Terrace Table

Breezesta BH-0917

Breezesta | 26"x28" Bar Table

26"x28" Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0910

Breezesta | 36" Round Bar Table

36" Round Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0908

Breezesta | 32"x32" Bar Table

32"x32" Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0911

Breezesta | 48" Round Bar Table

48" Round Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0909

Wildridge | Heritage Conversation Table

Heritage Conversation Table

Wildridge LCC-121

Wildridge | Heritage Balcony Table

Heritage Balcony Table

Wildridge LCC-152

Wildridge | Heritage Octagon Picnic Table

Heritage Octagon Picnic Table

Wildridge LCC-164

Wildridge | Heritage Picnic Table with Unattached Benches

Heritage Picnic Table with Unattached Benches

Wildridge LCC-166

Wildridge | Heritage Picnic Table with Attached Benches

Heritage Picnic Table with Attached Benches

Wildridge LCC-165

Wildridge | Heritage Patio Table

Heritage Patio Table

Wildridge LCC-172

Wildridge | Classic Round Side Table

Classic Round Side Table

Wildridge LCC-223

Wildridge | Classic 46" Round Table

Classic 46" Round Table

Wildridge LCC-279

Wildridge | 40" High Dining Table

40" High Dining Table

Wildridge LCC-287

Wildridge | Heritage Child's Picnic Table

Heritage Child's Picnic Table

Wildridge LCC-167

Wildridge | Occasional Table

Occasional Table

Wildridge LCC-220

Wildridge | 60" Pub Table

60" Pub Table

Wildridge LCC-178

Wildridge | 48" Pub Table

48" Pub Table

Wildridge LCC-179

Wildridge | 36" High Dining Table

36" High Dining Table

Wildridge LCC-289

Wildridge | 44"x44" Table

44"x44" Table

Wildridge LCC-187

Wildridge | 44"x72" Table

44"x72" Table

Wildridge LCC-189

Wildridge | 44"x94" Table

44"x94" Table

Wildridge LCC-191

Breezesta | Contemporary Accent Table

Contemporary Accent Table

Breezesta CT-2101

Breezesta | Piedmont Coffee Table

Piedmont Coffee Table

Breezesta PT-0503


Chosen wisely, your outdoor dining table can last for over twenty years. We offer many styles of dining table to help you turn your backyard, patio, or deck into your favorite dining spot.

Our Outdoor Dining Table Styles

Browse our collection to shop square, rectangular, and circle shaped dining tables. Our collection also features tables of different heights: dining, counter, and bar. 

Further, our poly lumber comes in a vibrant assortment of colors so you can match your new dining table to your outdoor space. Many of our products also offer dual-tone customization options - choose one color for your dining table frame and another for the top.

Our Poly Dining Table Quality

Our poly dining tables are sturdy and will stand up to strong winds, heavy rain, and hot sun. There's no need to cover your table for the winter. 

We only carry the highest quality furniture. Our recycled plastic dining tables are produced right here in the USA by high quality manufacturers. Some of our manufacturers, like Wildridge, employ Amish carpenters in the production of their adirondacks and outdoor furniture. 

All of Monarch's outdoor furniture is made from poly lumber, a durable and eco-friendly plastic composite that is made with recycled milk jugs. 

Poly Dining Table Material

Our poly dining tables are made with poly lumber. What is poly lumber? It's a high-density polyethylene material made with recycled milk jugs! Though it retains the look and feel of traditional wood, poly lumber has a number of benefits over traditional lumber. Unlike wood, poly lumber will never rot, crack, fade or peel. Its UV protection means your table won't lose its color or warp over time. Further, poly lumber is termite and insect resistant - who wants to chew on plastic!?

You can rest assured that your new dining table will last you years to come. Unlike cheap, plastic tables from big box stores, ours can be left outside year-round and won't decay in hot sun or cold snow. 

Not only does using poly lumber prevent more trees from being chopped down, we also divert plastic milk jugs from our landfills and oceans and are able to put them to use in a product that will last a lifetime.

Read more about poly lumber here.

Best Uses for Outdoor Dining Tables

 Because our tables come in all shapes and sizes, you are sure to find one that meets your space requirements. 

Our poly dining tables are perfect for enjoying dinner with family on weeknights - take advantage of beautiful summer weather and eat outside! They're also a great addition for anyone looking to host outdoor dinner parties and gatherings. 

How to Maintain your Poly Outdoor Dining Table

Poly lumber furniture is easy to store and maintain. All you need to clean your furniture is a wet towel and some dish soap. Give it a quick rinse, and you're all set. If you prefer, you may also use a light pressure washer.

With poly lumber, you'll never need to paint or seal your furniture to keep it looking nice. 

You can leave your table out in the elements and it is sure to look as good as the day you first received it.

Why buy from Monarch?

Free shipping. We ship each and every chair completely free on any order to the continental United States. With hundreds of poly furniture items to choose from, you can put together the perfect patio, deck, balcony, or outdoor space without having to worry about expensive freight or shipping costs.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. Don't like your order? Text, call, or email us and we'll make it right. We offer a 30 day refund and return policy on all our items, and many of our manufacturers offer separate warranties on their products as well. 

Only high quality furniture. We are strong believers in only selling high quality products. We will never sell furniture that we wouldn't use or buy ourselves. Today, it is easy to find cheap outdoor furniture that will fall apart after a year or two. We believe that outdoor furniture should last a lifetime, which is why we only sell poly furniture.

Independently owned small business. We are a small business looking to improve the furniture buying experience. Have a question or need help picking the right item? We are always here to help. We appreciate your business.