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Outdoor Poly Tables

We offer a wide variety of outdoor poly tables, from dining tables to end tables and coffee tables. All of our furniture is made in America from recycled milk jugs and won't fade, rot, or splinter.


Wildridge | Heritage Two Tier End Table

Heritage Two Tier End Table

Wildridge LCC-120

Wildridge | Heritage Conversation Table

Heritage Conversation Table

Wildridge LCC-121

Wildridge | Heritage Balcony Table

Heritage Balcony Table

Wildridge LCC-152

Wildridge | Heritage Octagon Picnic Table

Heritage Octagon Picnic Table

Wildridge LCC-164

Wildridge | Heritage Picnic Table with Attached Benches

Heritage Picnic Table with Attached Benches

Wildridge LCC-165

Wildridge | Heritage Picnic Table with Unattached Benches

Heritage Picnic Table with Unattached Benches

Wildridge LCC-166

Wildridge | Heritage Child's Picnic Table

Heritage Child's Picnic Table

Wildridge LCC-167

Wildridge | Heritage Patio Table

Heritage Patio Table

Wildridge LCC-172

Wildridge | Occasional Table

Occasional Table

Wildridge LCC-220

Wildridge | Classic 3 Shelf Side Table

Classic 3 Shelf Side Table

Wildridge LCC-221

Wildridge | Classic Side Table

Classic Side Table

Wildridge LCC-222

Wildridge | Classic Round Side Table

Classic Round Side Table

Wildridge LCC-223

Wildridge | Rectangular Side Table

Rectangular Side Table

Wildridge LCC-228

Wildridge | Classic 46" Round Table

Classic 46" Round Table

Wildridge LCC-279

Wildridge | 40" High Dining Table

40" High Dining Table

Wildridge LCC-287

Wildridge | 36" High Dining Table

36" High Dining Table

Wildridge LCC-289

Wildridge | Contemporary Side Table

Contemporary Side Table

Wildridge LCC-320

Wildridge | Contemporary Balcony Table

Contemporary Balcony Table

Wildridge LCC-352

Wildridge | 60" Pub Table

60" Pub Table

Wildridge LCC-178

Wildridge | 48" Pub Table

48" Pub Table

Wildridge LCC-179

Wildridge | 44"x44" Table

44"x44" Table

Wildridge LCC-187

Wildridge | 44"x72" Table

44"x72" Table

Wildridge LCC-189

Wildridge | 44"x94" Table

44"x94" Table

Wildridge LCC-191

Breezesta | Contemporary Accent Table

Contemporary Accent Table

Breezesta CT-2101

Breezesta | Accent Table

Accent Table

Breezesta CT-1100

Breezesta | Coastal Universal Accent Table

Coastal Universal Accent Table

Breezesta CT-3000

Breezesta | Piedmont Side Table

Piedmont Side Table

Breezesta PT-0504

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Dining Table

Piedmont Terrace Dining Table

Breezesta PT-0703

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Bar Table

Piedmont Terrace Bar Table

Breezesta PT-0701

Breezesta | Piedmont Terrace Table Shelf

Piedmont Terrace Table Shelf

Breezesta PT-0710

Breezesta | Piedmont Conversation Table

Piedmont Conversation Table

Breezesta PT-0704

Breezesta | Piedmont 42"x70" Dining Table

Piedmont 42"x70" Dining Table

Breezesta PT-0700

Breezesta | 21"x60" Bar Height Terrace Table

21"x60" Bar Height Terrace Table

Breezesta BH-0917

Breezesta | 26"x28" Bar Table

26"x28" Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0910

Breezesta | 36" Round Bar Table

36" Round Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0908

Breezesta | 32"x32" Bar Table

32"x32" Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0911

Breezesta | 48" Round Bar Table

48" Round Bar Table

Breezesta BH-0909

Breezesta | Piedmont Coffee Table

Piedmont Coffee Table

Breezesta PT-0503

Wildridge | Freedom Side Table

Freedom Side Table