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Dining Chairs

Low maintenance and comfortable outdoor dining is right around the corner with a couple of our outdoor poly dining chairs. Made with recycled plastic milk jugs, our outdoor dining chairs are perfectly suited for dinner parties and quick lunches alike.


Wildridge | Heritage Garden Chair

Heritage Garden Chair

Wildridge LCC-123

Wildridge | Heritage Dining Chair

Heritage Dining Chair

Wildridge LCC-153

Wildridge | Heritage Dining Chair with Arms

Heritage Dining Chair with Arms

Wildridge LCC-154

Wildridge | Heritage Swivel Rocker Dining Chair

Heritage Swivel Rocker Dining Chair

Wildridge LCC-155

Wildridge | Dining/Deck Chair

Dining/Deck Chair

Wildridge LCC-252

Wildridge | Side Chair

Side Chair

Wildridge LCC-253

Wildridge | Side Chair with Arms

Side Chair with Arms

Wildridge LCC-254

Wildridge | Swivel Rocker Side Chair with Arms

Swivel Rocker Side Chair with Arms

Wildridge LCC-255

Breezesta | Skyline Dining Side Chair

Skyline Dining Side Chair

Breezesta SK-0407

Breezesta | Skyline Dining Captain's Chair

Skyline Dining Captain's Chair

Breezesta SK-0408

Breezesta | Piedmont Swivel Rocker Dining Chair

Piedmont Swivel Rocker Dining Chair

Breezesta PT-0601

Breezesta | Piedmont Swivel Counter Chair

Piedmont Swivel Counter Chair

Breezesta PT-0602

Breezesta | Piedmont Swivel Bar Chair

Piedmont Swivel Bar Chair

Breezesta PT-0603

Breezesta | Piedmont Side Dining Chair

Piedmont Side Dining Chair

Breezesta PT-0509

Breezesta | Piedmont Side Counter Chair

Piedmont Side Counter Chair

Breezesta PT-0510

Breezesta | Piedmont Captain's Dining Chair

Piedmont Captain's Dining Chair

Breezesta PT-0506


Why Our Outdoor Dining Chairs Will Last

Our outdoor dining chairs are made with durable poly lumber. Poly lumber is made with recycled milk jugs and treated with UV protection to keep its color fresh and vibrant. 

All of our dining chairs are made in America with the highest level of craftsmanship. You can leave our chairs outside in the rain, sun, sleet, and snow. They will never become waterlogged, rot, crack, or splinter. This makes them perfect for a huge range of different climates: from the hot Arizona sun to cold, Northern winters, our dining chairs will stand up to whatever you throw at them. 

We know our chairs will last, and our manufacturers do too. They offer warranties ranging from 20 years to life! Rest assured that you won't soon need to replace any dining chairs you buy from Monarch.